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Climategate II – it’s not over yet

Irrefutable evidence of global warming (and why has no-one asked for this regarding accreditation?) has again been shown to be fictional.  The University of East Anglia has had its day in the sun.  This time it’s Berkeley University, California.   … Continue reading

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Uncertain values amidst randomness?

A paper on the early detection of cancer describes some problems of the screening process using Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) testing.  The marker is not specific for cancer, has an uncertain cut-off value, varies naturally, and leads to unnecessary interventions which are … Continue reading

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The irrelevance of the lambs

A philosopher, a physicist, and a statistician were travelling through Scotland in a train when they saw a black sheep through the window. “That’s interesting,” said the philosopher, “I see that Scottish sheep are black.” “Hmm,” said the physicist, “you mean … Continue reading

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Ten percent

Research funded by the US military has used computer models to show how a new belief can quickly shift majority opinion when it reaches a critical mass of 10% of the population. Read more here: Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping … Continue reading

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What I learned from Steve Jobs

Guy Kawasaki has written What I learned from Steve Jobs and it is discussed at MacDailyNews. “The top 12 lessons I learned from Steve Jobs: 1. Experts are clueless 2. Customers cannot tell you what they need 3. Jump to … Continue reading

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Free Competition in Currency Act 2011

Citizens have long accepted that the state holds a legal monopoly on the issuing of money. When the state’s favoured banks issue money that isn’t in bank reserves, it isn’t counterfeiting.  That’s official! It has long been known that debased … Continue reading

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Nature or nurture?

ISO accreditation is not simply the product of committees.  Rear-Admiral Derek “Spike” Spickernell (RN) was the father of the BSI and ISO quality standards.  Other naval and military leaders also laid the groundwork in defence standards designed to ensure the … Continue reading

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