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Uncertainty of hypocrisy

When the assessors visit they want to see that masses of statistical work has been done to demonstrate the uncertainty of your measurements.  ISO 17025 requires it.  Assessment gang members have additional guides on it.  Customers who just wanted test reports … Continue reading

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A billion, billion monkeys typing

Fred Reed presents his calculation: “- a monkey typing randomly on a keyboard would eventually write all the books in the British Museum. This sounds plausible and, in a purely mathematical sense, is true. What are the odds? Consider a … Continue reading

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Accreditation defined

Accreditation could be defined as a proprietory therapeutic method that uses highly concentrated record-keeping combined with a dilute programme of intensive inspection, whose effects, when administered to organisations that currently satisfy customers well enough to still be in business, deliver a feeling … Continue reading

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A missing link?

It’s not just St. Paul’s Cathedral that has problems.  Dr Dalrymple describes a small outbreak involving a common variant of the accreditation mindset, albeit without a certificate on conspicuous display.  It involves delusions of working in an airport : “The women were not … Continue reading

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EQA exposes the sham

The quality cartel is characterised by smug exceptionalism in denying that its dogmas require validation or ethical approval. External Quality Assurance (EQA) schemes distribute spiked samples of known contents to participating laboratories.  If labs aren’t doing their job well, their … Continue reading

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“The reader will be surprised to see…”

“The reader will be surprised to see…the considerable number of unacceptable results presented by laboratories – among which there could be quite a few that have been in fact accredited!  It follows from this that users of analytical laboratories cannot be sure … Continue reading

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