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ChemistryDaily’s summary of ISO 9000 criticisms

The article cited below has vanished from its original URL but may be read at The Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20070712001002/http://www.chemistrydaily.com/chemistry/ISO_9000 ChemistryDaily summarises criticisms of ISO 9000 thus: Criticisms of ISO 9000 Criticisms of ISO 9000 generally concern inappropriate misapplication or extension … Continue reading

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Any Qualified Provider: NHS Basics

The Witch Doctor envisages young lady doctors being shunted around clinics to provide staff cover and a bit of diagnostic sense.  This may keep the “Competent Clinical Decision Makers” of the coming order from making too many mistakes.  Undoubtedly this … Continue reading

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Quality not accreditation…or argumentum ad verecundiam?

 Argument from authority – it’s not always wrong… Toyota for you doc, what will it be for your patients? In a recent Medscape survey it was found that doctors’ choice of cars were as follows: Toyota (16.73%), Honda (14.8%), Lexus … Continue reading

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Accreditationism as neo-mercantilism (or as the opium of the cartel)

Mercantilism was the economic policy of the colonial nations from the 16th to the 18th centuries.  The doctrine was that government regulation was essential for each nation to dominate trade.  The economy was believed to be a zero-sum game.  It had … Continue reading

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The IT crowd sees through it

IT Skeptic blog says: “I once complained to an ISO9000 Manager about the rambling drivelling emails he broadcast every week. He replied: “You don’t understand. My system is assessed by the auditors by the quantity of material I put out”.  ISO9000 … Continue reading

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Lean loonies are doing it to their kids – more transmissible obsessive disease

Elements of the proven Toyota Production System were repackaged to be sold by consultancy companies as “Lean.”  Properly implemented, it can be very effective.  For a variety of reasons, mostly these projects fail. You can read about the management consultancy swindle … Continue reading

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