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Uncertainty of hypocrisy

When the assessors visit they want to see that masses of statistical work has been done to demonstrate the uncertainty of your measurements.  ISO 17025 requires it.  Assessment gang members have additional guides on it.  Customers who just wanted test reports … Continue reading

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Six Sigma Is Draining Employees’ Creativity

Should your organization decide that ISOs are inadequate and add Six Sigma, consider Andrew Smart’s explanation and click through to read more fully or to order his book: The single most important goal of the Six Sigma is to reduce varia­tion in … Continue reading

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Top court rules against German certifier in French breast implant case

This blog has previously pointed out that assessment bodies evade liability for the false promises they certify.  They are “delivering assurance” yet avoiding legal liability for the screening inspections they undertake. No longer!  France’s highest court found TUV Rheinland guilty … Continue reading

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When ISO is not ISO

We know how badly the ISO screws up lives and the workplace when it imposes its daft management standards. That doesn’t mean that its product standards are brilliant either.  They’re nothing more than another option in the marketplace and should … Continue reading

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Conspiracy or groupthink? Or both?

James Delingpole describes the global warming ideology in terms of groupthink rather than conspiracy: According to Janis there are three rules of groupthink. They are: Rule One. A group of people come to share a common view or belief that … Continue reading

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Inside the minds of pathology reformers

Reforms to pathology services according to the Carter Report are still doing poorly.  The cover-up of the failures is working better: Pathology Networks The morning session provided attendees with different perspectives on Pathology Networks; appropriately titled ‘Networks – a blessing or a curse’. … Continue reading

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ISO ramps up its embrace, extend, and extinguish strategy

Thinkpurpose warns us of ISO 18404. Still unable to admit that it doesn’t work to manage people as if they were manufactured objects, the ISO has again plagiarised other quality management systems into its latest expensive document.  That will stop … Continue reading

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Nazi, ISO, CIA

Margaret McCartney writes in the BMJ of the CIA’s  interrogation programme at Guantanamo Bay.  It was personalised medicine in the department of torture. “Most doctors who are complicit in torture are much like everyone else, I suspect—neither amoral nor evil. But military … Continue reading

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Accredited until freedom is barely a memory

“What’s good in war is good in peace.”  That would be Taylor’s Scientific Management enforced by factory inspectors. Call them “assessors” – they don’t work for the government any more.  Instead, the metagovernment assures that few industries are allowed to continue working … Continue reading

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The menace of the naval mind?

BS 5750 emerged from Allied military standards for industrial procurement.  Rear-Admiral Spickernell then pushed this British Standard on the ISO.  Hence the ISO 9000 series and the standards derived from it such as ISO 17025 and ISO 15189.  Now management … Continue reading

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