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Costs outweigh benefits

Open Europe has announced recognition that, Top 100 EU regulations cost the UK economy £27.4 billion a year – and costs outweigh benefits in a quarter of cases (click through to read the press release and PDF report) More informed comment can be … Continue reading

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New APPG for EU reform report calls on EU leaders to adopt radical services liberalisation

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on European Reform has published a Report entitled “The EU Single Market in Services”, to coincide with the opening of the EU Summit on Growth and Jobs in Brussels.   In preparing its report, the … Continue reading

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Delivering how much confidence?

Sometimes accreditationism deliciously exposes its own inconsistancies. You work in a great lab parasitised by the accreditation body.  The inspection cartel has persuaded your government to give the inspection monopoly in your country to this body.  Have you noticed how … Continue reading

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Clinical futile cycles

From a background in Australian intensive care medicine, Buist and Middleton have written critically of the rise and expense of the quality industry: “In 2007, I [MB] published a theoretical construct of adverse events called “clinical futile cycles” to challenge the … Continue reading

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