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Compliance audit fails again. And again…

Potential food safety breaches uncovered at UK’s largest supermarket chicken supplier in ITV News/Guardian investigation Investigations have alleged a major chicken processor has been guilty of numerous offences including repackaging out-of-date chicken and destroying traceability evidence. The company replies, “We … Continue reading

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Disgruntled rogue scientists, but accredited

“Rogue scientists” disgruntled with management at Randox forensic services allegedly doctored samples.  Unsurprisingly this led to hundreds of false convictions and other major injustices.  Here is the Daily Mail’s account. Maybe privitising the forensic service wasn’t so smart. Naturally, services … Continue reading

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Who’s Spending Britain’s Billions?

You really should watch this.  Jacques Peretti investigates how companies like management consultancies and outsourcers rip off taxpayers through gullible public leaders.  PWC, McKinsey, the usual suspects bringing waste through endless “transformation”.  One shouldn’t expect much from the poorly-qualified managers … Continue reading

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Cartel and regulatory failures in the quality of diagnostic tests

For years Oxoid had been covering up erratic quality in the antibiotic testing discs they produced.  These were reference materials that accredited laboratories relied upon to measure microbial resistance and the correct antimicrobial dose to prescribe.  These actions would have led … Continue reading

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Pareto approximately

Dr Gordon Brown thought investment meant expenditure of borrowed, fraudulent money. He “invested” copiously in the NHS amongst other places.  One aspect of it was the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The concept was initiated by Conservatives to enable the current government … Continue reading

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