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The cartel’s stangulation technique

The quality cartel’s assessors ramp up their requirements each year.  It’s all supposed to be about the sacredness of compliance with the ISO standards and EC regulations.  But after a few years you see how the assessors are forcing you to obey the … Continue reading

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Morris dancers smashed by red tape

John Seddon told us, “Without market-place coercion ISO 9000 would have withered long ago, for it has little inherent value. The problems are deeper than the madness portrayed in early reports (Oxford city council insisting Morris Dancers get registered to … Continue reading

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Bees, cars, coercion

Industy top dogs use governments to move money from citizens to their own pockets.  Industries and government bureaucracies are where elected politicians go after they get rumbled.  Governments have generations of experience in this expropriation.  That’s why they should be kept tiny … Continue reading

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