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Coronavirus relaxes accreditation for a while

National chief scientists issued an NHS joint statement Supporting the healthcare science workforce response to coronavirus… (publications approval reference: 001559) on 30th March 2020…   Notice, “They must bear in mind that healthcare scientists may need to depart, possibly significantly, … Continue reading

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Gaslighting, not burnout

Burnout of clinicians is the wrong term, argue Dean et al.  Instead they liken the phenomenon to “gaslighting” – the act of psychologically manipulating someone to question their own sanity, in order to gain some advantage. We believe that clinicians … Continue reading

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As Brexit, so ISO 9001, 17025, 15189?

Five hundred years of England – sacred and profane. Download before YouTube censors it! https://order-order.com/2019/03/05/17-million-fk-os/ Dominic Frisby Published on Mar 5, 2019 Please help take this song to number one. Please buy a copy of the single at iTunes/Amazon etc … Continue reading

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Fingerprints blunder puts trials at risk as police chiefs create emergency group to ensure labs get accreditation

Peter Hitchens is critical of modern British policing.  He wrote in the Mail on Sunday, “And now we learn, to my total lack of surprise, that prosecutions have sunk to an all-time low in England and Wales, at a time … Continue reading

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The self-made women who created the Myers-Briggs

Nature carries an interesting review of the Myers-Briggs nonsense.  Popularised by the OSS and carried forward by corporate America. Maybe one day the ISO accreditation racket will also be debunked. Click through… The self-made women who created the Myers–Briggs S. … Continue reading

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Three rules of groupthink: as global warming, so ISO accreditationism

Christopher Booker discovered Irving Janis’s Victims of Groupthink.  He used it as a framework for his report Global Warming: A Case Study in Groupthink.  We reported James Delingpole’s summary earlier. Here are Irving’s three rule of groupthink, useful because they … Continue reading

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Change Board Recertification

US doctors have got themselves organized to oppose being exploited to prove their ability. http://changeboardrecert.com/ is the place to read what’s happening in US medicine. We need to see similar organization against labs being exploited for accreditation by the ISO … Continue reading

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Advances Afoot in Microbiology

Patel et al. have written about the use of new, rapid Point Of Care (POC) tests in Advances Afoot in Microbiology, Participants in the Academy’s colloquium recommended that clinical microbiologists “retain oversight of the quality assurance of infectious disease diagnostic tests.” … Continue reading

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Worldview goes shoogly

Scott Adams’ Dilbert understands the ISO scam, even if he doesn’t document the corruption and criminality as thoroughly as Oxebridge. Adams recognizes how another source of cognitive dissonance can work in a TV interviewer: And here’s the original: By the … Continue reading

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No gain without pain

A profile of child branding cases in Kashmir valley Rashid, AF et al.  Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine Volume 49, July 2017, Pages 50–53. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jflm.2017.05.001 https://s100.copyright.com/AppDispatchServlet?publisherName=ELS&contentID=S1752928X1730046X&orderBeanReset=true ________________________________________ Highlights •The article is a two year study on Child branding practices … Continue reading

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