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Accreditation: protecting us from crocuses or depending on them?

Allan Gaw blogs a description of the Victorian peddlers selling cures to an impoverished and uninformed populace: “…“Our profession is known, sir, as ‘crocussing’ and our dodges and decoctions as ‘fakes’ or rackets. Many other words make up a sort … Continue reading

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Trials are needed before new devices are used in routine practice

This blog has highlighted the blindness of professionals and the hypocrisy of regulators in imposing the expensive treatment of ISO accreditation on healthcare without evidence of any efficacy, effectiveness or value. An analysis published by the BMJ makes interesting reading regarding … Continue reading

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Selling confidence by creating uncertainty

Here is a brochure showing how the State-backed cartel tries to create uncertainty in suppliers that don’t pay for its services.  This is a sort of uncertainty that cannot be measured.  It enables the cartel’s members to sell “confidence” to … Continue reading

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Boring, but only for 5′ 56”. Not a whole career.

“It’s not the accreditation body that mandates accreditation. It’s the government.”  @4′ 16” Go on, watch it.  It badly needs some views. Don’t miss the admission in part 2: “EU regulation…in effect says that each country will have one accreditation … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy killing research

While research and the USA largely get by just fine without ISO lab standards and this paper therefore does not mention them, it does illustrate the effects of analogous bureaucracy in the marked decline of clinical research.  Food and Drug … Continue reading

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