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ISO standards for pathology – a step too far?

” a resounding answer of ‘absolutely not’”, actually.  A believer explains the theory.  He hasn’t given Allah a thought. Get it here: A short description of coercion by several state and non-state bureaucracies that conceals of thousands of … Continue reading

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The ISO must be conformed to sharia

Should you not believe that ISO standards are going to have to change to conform to sharia, check out p8ff of Hammoudeh’s book for a summary of how non-Islamic quality theories fall short. Unlike the average, dull accreditation fan, this author has … Continue reading

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Despite support from governments, the ISO relies heavily on sales of its expensive ISO standards. In  Goodbye, Copyright. Farewell, Tenured Guilds Gary North predicts the end of copyrights.  He forgets to mention the highly-secretive TTIP or TPP agreements though. While university libraries … Continue reading

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Halal checking firm Dagang to join the London stock market

The Times has reported a halal-certifying firm is the join the Alternative Investment Market. Not satisfied drip-feeding your pay into jihad the retail way? Forget comfort eating, Be part of an international movement:   Now you can get a possible … Continue reading

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Beat that

Lest we forget, UKAS says, UKAS is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognised by government, to assess against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality … Continue reading

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We find it difficult to see what is under our noses

Gary North argues that the exponentially falling cost of data will eliminate many government regulatory controls. George Orwell was correct: we find it difficult to see what is under our noses. let me briefly mention what has been under my … Continue reading

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Wanted: ISO bimbo

CDOs.  Boring, complex, disastrous.  Yet nobody goes to jail. Margot Robbie explains it simply for you, Now CoCo bail-in bonds.  Another disaster in the making. Will it take a bimbo in a bubble bath for ISO accreditation victims to see … Continue reading

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No longer fit to be free

Those who wonder why so many show little desire to be free from ISO accreditation might reflect on Peter Hitchens’ comments on leaving the EU.  Slavery is freedom. Modern Britain is like a man who has been in prison for … Continue reading

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I, Pencil – Why we don’t need ISOs for management

I, Pencil. Once it’s been explained, it’s so simple a child could understand it. Human civilisation arose without ISO accreditation and is not furthered by it.  

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Don’t picket; reject inspections

In the BMJ this week: Hospitals are “gaming” data on common operations, leading surgeon says.  They are contacting patients just before questionnaires are due to be returned.  Just like the car dealerships do. GPs call for an end to CQC inspections. GPs at a … Continue reading

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