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Inside the minds of pathology reformers

Reforms to pathology services according to the Carter Report are still doing poorly.  The cover-up of the failures is working better: Pathology Networks The morning session provided attendees with different perspectives on Pathology Networks; appropriately titled ‘Networks – a blessing or a curse’. … Continue reading

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Disgruntled rogue scientists, but accredited

“Rogue scientists” disgruntled with management at Randox forensic services allegedly doctored samples.  Unsurprisingly this led to hundreds of false convictions and other major injustices.  Here is the Daily Mail’s account. Maybe privitising the forensic service wasn’t so smart. Naturally, services … Continue reading

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UKAS Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme

Have you ever helped a charity raise money to buy a hospital a scanner?  Hospitals have a lot of other things to spend money on besides diagnostic equipment – accreditation, managers, translators, overpriced drug contracts, negligence claims… UKAS’s Imaging Services … Continue reading

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DTI-UKAS memorandum of understanding

Have you ever wondered what the agreement looks like when a government department grants a body a national monopoly that protects it from competition ?  Click here to find out.

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Tolerating Uncertainty — The Next Medical Revolution?

Simpkin and Schwartzstein have written Tolerating Uncertainty — The Next Medical Revolution?  calling for wider acceptance of uncertainty rather than the pretence of eliminating it. ISO 17025 requires laboratories to consider the uncertainty of their measurements.  This is reasonable. The quality cartel’s … Continue reading

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Who’s Spending Britain’s Billions?

You really should watch this.  Jacques Peretti investigates how companies like management consultancies and outsourcers rip off taxpayers through gullible public leaders.  PWC, McKinsey, the usual suspects bringing waste through endless “transformation”.  One shouldn’t expect much from the poorly-qualified managers … Continue reading

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Straw poll

If you knew ten people with experience of ISO accreditation you could conduct a straw poll now. See if nine out of ten really think what was reported to UKAS in their customer satisfaction survey.  Or do they fail to … Continue reading

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>90% say accreditation delivers benefits…but…

Authors employed by bodies including the US Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) have written that >90% of public health departments the PHAB accredits report benefits that might have been expected. This sounds a lot like ISO accreditation although the details of the … Continue reading

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UKAS collaborates with sharia to fund Islamic expansion

International halal accreditation is not agreed by a single body but by hundreds and is highly non-standardised, like Islam itself.  We previously drew attention to this here. UKAS is now pleased to help bring the world into submission to Allah while … Continue reading

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Brexit – “very little will change”

UKAS Brexit statement UKAS accreditation of certification, inspection, testing and measurement services plays a key role in maintaining the UK’s world-leading quality infrastructure. Certificates issued by UKAS and UKAS accredited organisations are recognised internationally through UKAS’ membership of the European … Continue reading

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