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Eaten by a camel

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Down the memory hole: The Case of the Vanishing Adjudication

The website cited below has vanished, just like the vanishing ASA adjudication against the BSI that it reported.  Fortunately, the reference can still be found with The Wayback Machine. tells a curious tale in which the BSI’s … Continue reading

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Withdraw approval for UKAS and CPA accreditation until NICE has full data

What if an editor sent a public letter like this to UKAS’s CPA suggesting they desist from parasitising struggling organisations until they can provide data showing their effectiveness? What if she then proposed UKAS should be responsible for accrediting banks? … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy explained

Readers who want to dig deeper into the philosophy and history of the bureaucratic compulsion to command and control others can learn more here.  Click on the image below to download von Mises’ book explaining bureaucracy: The book predates the … Continue reading

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The epidemiology of ISO accreditation

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