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ISO ramps up its embrace, extend, and extinguish strategy

Thinkpurpose warns us of ISO 18404. Still unable to admit that it doesn’t work to manage people as if they were manufactured objects, the ISO has again plagiarised other quality management systems into its latest expensive document.  That will stop … Continue reading

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Lean cost $1,511 for each dollar saved

Repackaging aspects of Toyota management to sell to gullible managers and politicians as LEAN may be even more wasteful than ISO accreditation.  John Seddon commented, How politicians deal with evidence The failure to value evidence is not limited to UK … Continue reading

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The Lean Toolhead Collection

You will have read articles in professional bulletins about how Lean has improved pathology services (if not, Google it).  The Systems Thinking Review has published a collection of articles and videos on how it doesn’t: The Lean Toolhead Collection.

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Taylor would have loved ITIL

Scientific management doesn’t just survive in the ISO management and laboratory standards.  Bureaucrats are also preying on the IT industry, write Dave Herpen, Taylor would have loved ITIL POSTED BY DAVEHERPEN ⋅ FEBRUARY 28, 2012   Although Frederick Winslow Taylor died in 1915, way … Continue reading

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Any Qualified Provider: NHS Basics

The Witch Doctor envisages young lady doctors being shunted around clinics to provide staff cover and a bit of diagnostic sense.  This may keep the “Competent Clinical Decision Makers” of the coming order from making too many mistakes.  Undoubtedly this … Continue reading

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Quality not accreditation…or argumentum ad verecundiam?

 Argument from authority – it’s not always wrong… Toyota for you doc, what will it be for your patients? In a recent Medscape survey it was found that doctors’ choice of cars were as follows: Toyota (16.73%), Honda (14.8%), Lexus … Continue reading

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Lean loonies are doing it to their kids – more transmissible obsessive disease

Elements of the proven Toyota Production System were repackaged to be sold by consultancy companies as “Lean.”  Properly implemented, it can be very effective.  For a variety of reasons, mostly these projects fail. You can read about the management consultancy swindle … Continue reading

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