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Dr Steven Allder: My cure for the NHS

NHS managers are seldom qualified above MSc level.  They are not trained to diagnose.  Their job is to keep changing things and to say that it’s saving money (and maybe lives!)  Otherwise some might remember that there are superior management … Continue reading

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Consumers buy the cheapest good that will give them the value they expect

Have you ever heard someone insisting on having an accredited phone, car or washing liquid?  No?  Gary North explains, “Let me tell you who else does not care about America in general: individual Americans. How do I know this? Because they … Continue reading

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Sales of untested anthrax drug parallel sales of untested accreditation

What happens when you mix vested interest with speculative paranoia and add a bit of the technical stuff?  A lot of taxpayers’ money is wasted. Just as the USSR almost bankrupted itself trying to keep up with Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars, so … Continue reading

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Why no criticism of the inspection cartel?

‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire. But accreditation guarantees mediocrity. Maybe the absence of criticism is just popular recognition of the lack of achievement accreditation delivers.

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What would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other?

Michael Armstrong draws attention to amusing Google searches: Might the investigators’ names be UKAS Assessor and Internal Auditor? Watch them with amusement seeking their tautological proofs…

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Bradford Hill – assess the assessors!

Suppose a responsible body demanded high quality evidence of accreditation’s efficacy and safety.  Then others might consider applying to accreditation the criteria proposed by Bradford Hill for assessing the cause of an illness.  If these criteria can test the cause … Continue reading

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Quality theatre is as security theatre

Paranoia is a productive business for those on the right side of the deals.  Those on the other side are criminals. It could be those performing ridiculous theatrics on everyone to avoid searching for the only sort of person who … Continue reading

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