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The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose

We have previously drawn attention to how ISO accreditation pretends to assure quality.  Yet it fails to take legal responsibility for this assurance or offer money-back guarantees like most companies do when they have any confidence in their product. BSI’s … Continue reading

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UKAS always doubted the “confidence” it sells

BSI sells ISO standards like ISO 17025 and 15189, designed to be vague enough to sell to vast numbers of the gullible. UKAS fills in the blanks, gratis, with documents like LAB 1.  These give the specifics in considerable detail. UKAS’s … Continue reading

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Uncertainty of hypocrisy

When the assessors visit they want to see that masses of statistical work has been done to demonstrate the uncertainty of your measurements.  ISO 17025 requires it.  Assessment gang members have additional guides on it.  Customers who just wanted test reports … Continue reading

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Change Board Recertification

US doctors have got themselves organized to oppose being exploited to prove their ability. http://changeboardrecert.com/ is the place to read what’s happening in US medicine. We need to see similar organization against labs being exploited for accreditation by the ISO … Continue reading

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Be there or be square

It’s not exactly Bilderberg.  The Chatham House Rule may or may not apply. But here’s the agenda for an upcoming meeting of inspection cartel members.  Some sessions are members only.  Some seem to be just in code. There’s a little more detail … Continue reading

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Outcomes from the ILAC and IAF General Assemblies

If you’re interested in how the inspection cartel attempts to constrict the growth of anything it can’t squeeze income from, have a look at UKAS’s report on the joint ILAC / IAF conference. See the countries the cartel is expanding into. … Continue reading

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UNIDO report

Can everything in this blog be wrong?  The usual world governance suspects published a report that shows Asian attitudes to ISO 9001 are “positive”!  “Credibility of ISO 9001 – In general, the perception of accredited certification to ISO 9001 in the … Continue reading

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