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The happy few

The 37th European Accreditation General Assembly was successful, UKAS tells us. Never in the field of business has so much waste been imposed on so many by so few.   Advertisements

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The rush to sign new contracts

Those put under the pressure of deadlines to comply by UKAS may be pleased to see that UKAS itself suffers pressure to comply with tighter demands on contracts from its masters in the inspection cartel. Labs are under pressure to get … Continue reading

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Achieving perfection

“Manipulation achieves perfection when it hammers home its message, invites spectators to accept it, then reveals that they are being tricked and forces them to follow what they now know to be a lie.” Thierry Meyssan  

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“the toxic effects of obsessive standardisation”

Two correspondents with noteworthy conflicts of interest have objected to Drs Hartzband and Groopman’s earlier opinion criticising Taylorism in medicine. Many medical leaders remain slow to catch on about “the toxic effects of obsessive standardisation”.  However, Hartzband and Groopman correctly perceive the inappropriateness of … Continue reading

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“When it comes to medicine, Taylor was wrong: “man” must be first, not the system”

Medical Taylorism  Pamela Hartzband, M.D., and Jerome Groopman, M.D.  N Engl J Med 2016; 374:106-108January 14, 2016DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1512402    Frederick Taylor, a son of Philadelphia aristocrats who lived at the turn of the last century, became known as the “father of … Continue reading

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Mr Pratt questioned BS 5750 – quality assurance?

Mr Pratt recognised the inadequacy of BS 5750 over twenty years ago.  He explained in the medical literature how Deming produced real quality in Japanese industry. D. J. PRATT.   British Standard (BS) 5750 – quality assurance? Prosthetics and Orthotics … Continue reading

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On the sharp end

No mention of UKAS but hospital bosses are beginning to understand inspectionism – once they personally are on the sharp end of the “quality” inquisition. Pathology leaders and professional bodies have yet to have the experience that will enlighten them.  There’s more … Continue reading

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The End of Average: How to Succeed in a World That Values Sameness

Another argument against the standardised assessment of humans.  The authors deal with Taylorism but not ISOism, which has not yet entered the decline it deserves.  Maybe there’ll be a sequel. The End of Average: How to Succeed in a World … Continue reading

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Wilson and Jungner screening criteria – ignored

Wilson & Jungner published Principles and Practice of Screening for Disease in 1968. Their criteria for screening are summarised below: Box 1. Wilson and Jungner classic screening criteria 1. The condition sought should be an important health problem. 2. There should … Continue reading

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Will accreditation denialists also be criminalised?

AL GORE WANTS TO GAG CLIMATE SCEPTICS WITH MAFIA LAWS The climate lobby in the US is instigating a crackdown on dissenters, with several states looking at using the law to punish companies who stray from their view on global warming. Stood side by … Continue reading

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