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Handwashing – variation not compliance

With ISO accreditation, procedures are perfectly as described 100% of the time.  There are records to prove it.  The records are audited and inspected.  Even when things don’t go to plan there are more records of the anomalies. Here is a … Continue reading

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Since we keep failing to meet them – shall we get rid of targets?

This forum discussion on failing to meet targets is worth reading.  The first post ends with the proposition, “Are targets a waste of time – they must be if no one tries to meet them – so rather than reducing people … Continue reading

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While pathologists fret about accreditation GPs demonstrate prescription error rates

Like most people, pathologists want to deliver an excellent service.  Through this desire they have fallen victim to the inspection cartel which has deceived them into believing the bogus claims of accreditation.  As in many other areas, the quality-limiting step may be elsewhere.  Delivering … Continue reading

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The poison of the demand for ‘continuous improvement’

The ISO standards were revised to require evidence of continuous improvement.  The reason was criticisms that these standards lagged behind more modern quality practice.  The ISO attempted to catch up by inspecting sheets of paper recording “preventive, corrective and improvement actions.”  … Continue reading

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“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”

Amidst all the planning and the compulsions to measurement by lesser folk there was planning not to measure pandemic…expenditure…costs or savings. Continue reading

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Will quality measures and treatment guidelines improve patient care?

US doctors are sceptical about quality measures and treatment guidelines.  Would ISO quality impress them more?

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