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Irrelevant WHO

The ISO is corrupted by feeding the management inspection cartel it spawned.  It is outpaced, for example, by the open source software movement.  Elsewhere some “quality” sufferers are waking up to the true nature of the hoax. Pathology is beginning its long journey … Continue reading

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The “Ask for evidence” campaign

Sense About Science is running a campaign, Ask for Evidence to get more members of the public asking advertisers, companies, government bodies, and other organisations to set out the evidence they have for claims they make. “If you are concerned about the … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy killing research

While research and the USA largely get by just fine without ISO lab standards and this paper therefore does not mention them, it does illustrate the effects of analogous bureaucracy in the marked decline of clinical research.  Food and Drug … Continue reading

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Speaking of Pravda…

Speaking of Pravda [Правда], the Russian language helps us to clarify an aspect of the quality hoax through a specifically Russian linguistic concept. Pravda means truth.  So does istina. Pravda means the truth that is socially, morally, and ethically just;  the … Continue reading

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