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The Tamiflu trials

  The Tamiflu trials have been published in the BMJ.  Basically, the drug is rubbish.  But very profitable when governments can be conned into stockpiling it.  Some highlights from the BMJ editorial are below.  Read the full articles.  Spot similarities to the … Continue reading

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Huge lobbies want…

Peter Hitchens writes of Our Duty to Oppose the Warmist Inquisition: “A person who drives a powerful car on short-distance journeys when he could have walked or bicycled – but who believes in AGW – is deemed morally superior to … Continue reading

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Quality theatre is as security theatre

Paranoia is a productive business for those on the right side of the deals.  Those on the other side are criminals. It could be those performing ridiculous theatrics on everyone to avoid searching for the only sort of person who … Continue reading

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Accreditation: a sports drink for quality?

Quality accreditation.  If it’s not an anabolic steroid beefing up quality (so long as the fee is paid), perhaps it might be a sort of sports drink that improves quality just as an athlete’s performance might be temporarily enhanced.  Right? Not … Continue reading

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ISO 9000: Help or Hoax?

Patrick O’Connor’s essay ISO 9000: Help or Hoax? was published in Quality World in 1991 and collected into his book In My Humble Opinion, available for free download here. Few listened to the advice of this experienced reliability engineer.  The ISO beast … Continue reading

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