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DTI-UKAS memorandum of understanding

Have you ever wondered what the agreement looks like when a government department grants a body a national monopoly that protects it from competition ?  Click here to find out.

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Boarded to Death — Why Maintenance of Certification Is Bad for Doctors and Patients

Doctors in the USA are now required to be re-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).  It’s got similarities with UKAS – self-appointed, monopoly, expensive tedious, wasteful and without valid evidence that it works.  Unlike UKAS, it’s under fire. Paul … Continue reading

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Why we’ve got accreditation

Bill Bonner explains simply how the system now works in When the Credit Runs Out: “Government’s primary concern is not to protect its citizens or their economy. Instead, it aims to transfer more power, status, and wealth to the elite … Continue reading

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John Law: the gambler who broke France

John Law: the gambler who broke France describes how one of those clever-clever bankster types, on the run from his previous crimes, broke the finances of an already critically-indebted France.    He was mathematically skilled – like the post-Cold War surplus … Continue reading

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The IT crowd sees through it

IT Skeptic blog says: “I once complained to an ISO9000 Manager about the rambling drivelling emails he broadcast every week. He replied: “You don’t understand. My system is assessed by the auditors by the quantity of material I put out”.  ISO9000 … Continue reading

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