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Mr Pratt questioned BS 5750 – quality assurance?

Mr Pratt recognised the inadequacy of BS 5750 over twenty years ago.  He explained in the medical literature how Deming produced real quality in Japanese industry. D. J. PRATT.   British Standard (BS) 5750 – quality assurance? Prosthetics and Orthotics … Continue reading

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Los 10 pecados de la ISO 9000

This blog has previously linked to JM Raventos’ excellent article.  Important posts from other blogs have disappeared.  We wouldn’t want to lose this one, so here it is (Google translation from Spanish). Remember, this just exposes ISO 9000.  The article doesn’t refer to ISO … Continue reading

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Readers: Edit UKAS’s Wikipedia advertisement

UKAS has not proved itself up to writing its own promotional material to the international standards required by Wikipedia.  It has displayed its bias clearly (but without stating its confidence limits, as it requires of its victims). Wikipedia warns that … Continue reading

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Gagged by membership

Here’s a list of organisations that won’t be criticising accreditation.  “Membership” has been used to silence potential opposition by making senior staff complicit. UKAS Members  Although the company aims to be – and is – profitmaking, all profits are ploughed back into … Continue reading

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The slavery of audit

The Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists printed a perceptive letter summarising the history of audit, its move from the numeracy-based professions into clinical practice, and its growing use as a tool of political oppression: “the enslavement of human thought and endeavour … Continue reading

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The Lean Toolhead Collection

You will have read articles in professional bulletins about how Lean has improved pathology services (if not, Google it).  The Systems Thinking Review has published a collection of articles and videos on how it doesn’t: The Lean Toolhead Collection.

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Why no criticism of the inspection cartel?

‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire. But accreditation guarantees mediocrity. Maybe the absence of criticism is just popular recognition of the lack of achievement accreditation delivers.

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