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Bureaucracy attempts to control measurement uncertainty

The authors of the paper below wrote that they were “encouraged to seek publicly available data that could be analysed to provide a comparison with the inter-laboratory trials we undertook.”  They don’t say who encouraged them, but the UK Food Standards Agency … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy explained

Readers who want to dig deeper into the philosophy and history of the bureaucratic compulsion to command and control others can learn more here.  Click on the image below to download von Mises’ book explaining bureaucracy: The book predates the … Continue reading

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“Global warming” stopped 16 years ago

Click the graphic to read more: How many data points used to justify the global warming scam were UKAS-accredited? Were any?  Do research scientists have to bother with accreditation? What is the value of super-precise measurements when fed into speculative … Continue reading

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They will impose that goodness upon us

They are working to make us “good”.  Just like themselves. The Witch Doctor warns: “…After all, the government have set up a unit in order to change the behaviour of society to the way they want it to be, rather than serving … Continue reading

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An uninvestigated pandemic

Why are accreditation bodies treated with less suspicion than pharmaceutical companies?  Laboratory accreditation is promoted as source of confidence and quality by accreditation organisations.  These exist in an international quality cartel which prevents the price competition between members that normally destroys … Continue reading

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