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ISO – in the swamp

Oxebridge try to make ISO 9001 workable and would like to save it.  The ISO management standards are inadequate, a fraud and facilitate corruption.  We say, let them die. Oxebridge have a sense of humour that’s unusual in those having to deal with … Continue reading

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Kobe Steel – ISO 9001 certification of corruption

KOBELCO_JAPAN_2020 Kobe Steel.  You can download their recent ISO 9001 certificate here. UKAS.  IAF.  Lloyd’s Register LRQA.  It’s got all the jealously-protected logos. Yet the company has been falsifying quality data for its products for over a decade.  Kobe even … Continue reading

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Randox rogues show ISO doesn’t balance

We saw before that Randox Testing Services paid UKAS for ISO accreditation of forensic testing.  Accreditation couldn’t stop employees rendering the results unreliable by falsifying QC results.  Randox called in the police. The Daily Mail reports on the continuing investigation, … Continue reading

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ISO 9001: in need of further compulsion

ISO 9001 is slowly withering.  ISO 17025 is popular among science managers and legislators.  Therefore the new revision of ISO 17025 contains a mandatory nudge towards ISO 9001 to inject a bit of vigour into it. UKAS explains: » ISO/IEC … Continue reading

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