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Inside the minds of pathology reformers

Reforms to pathology services according to the Carter Report are still doing poorly.  The cover-up of the failures is working better: Pathology Networks The morning session provided attendees with different perspectives on Pathology Networks; appropriately titled ‘Networks – a blessing or a curse’. … Continue reading

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EU 2017/625 recognizes expense of ISO accreditation. But still requires it.

Regulation (EU) 2017/625 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2017 on official controls and other official activities performed to ensure the application of food and feed law, rules on animal health and welfare, plant health … Continue reading

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Failing to repay

As university educations become impossibly expensive for ordinary people, Gary North advises, “Here is a general rule. Any barrier to entry into any field that cannot be legally penetrated by means of a competitive examination is there for only one reason: … Continue reading

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Royal Statistical Society is initiated into the inspection cartel

The ISO has initiated the Royal Statistical Society into the inspection cartel.  Its role will be to certify those who wish to be recognised as Six Sigma and Lean practitioners to ISO 18404:2015: Quantitative methods in process improvement – Six … Continue reading

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Blogger driven out by Teamworking®

Blogger driven out by Teamworking®; sub-ISO management idiocy: “To cut a long story short, customers were being taken for a ride. I was getting more and more frustrated by the incompetence of the company, so I started keeping a blog … Continue reading

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Proper work ethic has been slowly eroded

In the public service, in all its wide ramifications, we live in an era of the inept, the square peg, the careless and the bluffer. And, as bluffers in turn appoint bluffers, the system becomes self-perpetuating. The “whistleblower” is ostracised. … Continue reading

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Old news

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a recurring theme with ISO management standards. Researchers, Bozena Poksinska and Jens J.Dahlgaard, published ISO 9001:2000 – The emperor’s new clothes? describing their investigation of three companies. “The managers interviewed had difficulties linking organisational improvements with the … Continue reading

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Medical appraisal and revalidation – humbug or value for money?

What benefit really comes from wealth-transfer schemes accrediting the “excellence” of individuals? Show us the before and after distribution curves for doctors’ performance change. “My latest subs tally was the equivalent of almost a quarter of my salary.”

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DTI-UKAS memorandum of understanding

Have you ever wondered what the agreement looks like when a government department grants a body a national monopoly that protects it from competition ?  Click here to find out.

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Lean cost $1,511 for each dollar saved

Repackaging aspects of Toyota management to sell to gullible managers and politicians as LEAN may be even more wasteful than ISO accreditation.  John Seddon commented, How politicians deal with evidence The failure to value evidence is not limited to UK … Continue reading

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