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Consumers buy the cheapest good that will give them the value they expect

Have you ever heard someone insisting on having an accredited phone, car or washing liquid?  No?  Gary North explains, “Let me tell you who else does not care about America in general: individual Americans. How do I know this? Because they … Continue reading

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UKAS/BIS survey: the value of accreditation in the economy

“The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills have commissioned a study to capture the value of accreditation in the economy. The study is being conducted by Dr Ray Lambert and Dr Marion Frenz of Birkbeck, … Continue reading

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14 new management equations based on Deming, John Seddon and Dan Pink

Systemsthinkingforgirls advises the mathematically inclined: 14 new management equations based on Deming, John Seddon and Dan Pink Purpose + autonomy + mastery =motivation Reports + managers = reports + managers Priority + priority + priority x themes/departments = sub-optimization Opinions + … Continue reading

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Muir Gray says, “Bye Bye Quality, Hello Value”

The professional pathology organisations that sold Clinical Pathology Accreditation to UKAS did so in the nick of time, albeit without understanding why.   So-called quality is yesterday; now quality will be assumed of professionals and value will take the place of … Continue reading

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End of the quality improvement movement

The problem is larger than accreditationism.  Robert Brook of the Rand Corporation argues in the JAMA that 40 years after the birth of the quality improvement movement, we still don’t know much about what’s been accomplished. He writes of clinical … Continue reading

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