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Weak evidence for ISO 9001 not being much good in hospitals

Uptake of ISO 9001 in European hospitals is lower than specialised healthcare accreditation schemes (15%) of 73 hospitals in this study.  So evidence on its effectiveness is weak. “There is little hard evidence of the impact of these systems on hospitals to … Continue reading

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Spinal Manipulation for Back and Neck Pain: Does It Work?

Two American traditions of spinal manipulation.  Osteopathy, developed by a physician and surgeon.  Chiropractic, developed by a magnet healing quack who may have modified osteopathy or got ideas from his spirit guides.  Laird Harrison explains in the Medscape article, Spinal … Continue reading

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A Decade of Reversal: An Analysis of 146 Contradicted Medical Practices

Prasad et al. have published an analysis of 146 medical practices that had to change when they were shown to have no benefits.  A large proportion of treatments remain of unknown effectiveness or may be harmful.   For this reason … Continue reading

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Once upon a time: a tale of ISO 15189 accreditation

The editorial below is a useful summary of the history and future plans for ISO 15189 in European laboratories. The authors say proof of its value comes from the fact that this originally voluntary process has already been made mandatory … Continue reading

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Only case studies = weak evidence

This blog continues to point to the bizarre acceptance of ISO laboratory accreditation by clinicians who should know better.  Where there’s little evidence – and it’s weak – don’t use the treatment!  This would be true even if it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Allow teams to develop their own measures

Standardising some critical areas of practice through checklists is a useful method that works well for aviation.  It is much more practicable than the never-ending tail-chasing over irrelevant issues that ISO accreditation requires.  Checklists were extended to surgery and initially showed … Continue reading

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Educational “events” have only a small part in how doctors learn

The BMJ reports that Continuing Medical Education is devoid of evidence that it works.  Like accreditation.  Why, in recent years, has everything been build on items of faith for which there is no evidence?  Regimes like training records, CPD and revalidation … Continue reading

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ChemistryDaily’s summary of ISO 9000 criticisms

The article cited below has vanished from its original URL but may be read at The Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20070712001002/http://www.chemistrydaily.com/chemistry/ISO_9000 ChemistryDaily summarises criticisms of ISO 9000 thus: Criticisms of ISO 9000 Criticisms of ISO 9000 generally concern inappropriate misapplication or extension … Continue reading

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Down the memory hole: The Case of the Vanishing Adjudication

The Buildfreedom.com website cited below has vanished, just like the vanishing ASA adjudication against the BSI that it reported.  Fortunately, the reference can still be found with The Wayback Machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20140713190437/http://buildfreedom.com/content/reciprocality/r1/example.html Buildfreedom.com tells a curious tale in which the BSI’s … Continue reading

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Withdraw approval for UKAS and CPA accreditation until NICE has full data

What if an editor sent a public letter like this to UKAS’s CPA suggesting they desist from parasitising struggling organisations until they can provide data showing their effectiveness? What if she then proposed UKAS should be responsible for accrediting banks? … Continue reading

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