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Stick it in

We recently drew attention to the UKAS customer satisfaction survey.  What a fantastic organization!…think those who bothered to return the questionnaires.  Do their own customers rate them so highly?  Did they rate them lower before they were accredited? Doug Powell … Continue reading

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“You don’t put thermometers 5 feet above concrete and pretend that they’re measuring the same temperature as…100 years ago””

You know by now that there’s a global conspiracy of bankers, politicians, scientists, journalists and others to tax the population on the basis of carbon (seriously!). It’s based on often willfully bad science.  The scientists can’t even measure temperature correctly:  … Continue reading

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Climategate II – it’s not over yet

Irrefutable evidence of global warming (and why has no-one asked for this regarding accreditation?) has again been shown to be fictional.  The University of East Anglia has had its day in the sun.  This time it’s Berkeley University, California.   … Continue reading

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