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Max Keiser analyses the NHS privatisation – “The new industrial revolution!”

Stacy Herbert observes that the NHS delivers healthcare for half the cost of the USA.  Therefore healthcare companies are losing profit.  Hence the Health and Social Care Act that requires private tendering to privatise the NHS.  Max Keiser declares it … Continue reading

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The science of accreditation: what do we really know about where quality comes from?

Gary Taubes’ essay reveals how little we really know about what makes us fat.  This area has been extensively researched but massive gaps in knowledge remain. Click through to the essay and see if you can spot parallels with the … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be a detective…

…to see that it’s not only the police and NHS affected by the probophilic, command and control mindset of obsessive management. But Sector Inspector Simon Guilfoyle has written Intelligent Policing  How Systems Thinking Methods Eclipse Conventional Management Practice  Does any of this … Continue reading

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Accreditation: protecting us from crocuses or depending on them?

Allan Gaw blogs a description of the Victorian peddlers selling cures to an impoverished and uninformed populace: “…“Our profession is known, sir, as ‘crocussing’ and our dodges and decoctions as ‘fakes’ or rackets. Many other words make up a sort … Continue reading

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Trials are needed before new devices are used in routine practice

This blog has highlighted the blindness of professionals and the hypocrisy of regulators in imposing the expensive treatment of ISO accreditation on healthcare without evidence of any efficacy, effectiveness or value. An analysis published by the BMJ makes interesting reading regarding … Continue reading

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