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Three rules of groupthink: as global warming, so ISO accreditationism

Christopher Booker discovered Irving Janis’s Victims of Groupthink.  He used it as a framework for his report Global Warming: A Case Study in Groupthink.  We reported James Delingpole’s summary earlier. Here are Irving’s three rule of groupthink, useful because they … Continue reading

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Scott’s parabola gives hope

Scott described the growth and death of fads in surgery: It’s not so different from the curve based on real data published by Walsh which observed the fate of other management fads: Walshe, K. Pseudoinnovation: the development and spread of … Continue reading

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Weak evidence for ISO 9001 not being much good in hospitals

Uptake of ISO 9001 in European hospitals is lower than specialised healthcare accreditation schemes (15%) of 73 hospitals in this study.  So evidence on its effectiveness is weak. “There is little hard evidence of the impact of these systems on hospitals to … Continue reading

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Change Board Recertification

US doctors have got themselves organized to oppose being exploited to prove their ability. is the place to read what’s happening in US medicine. We need to see similar organization against labs being exploited for accreditation by the ISO … Continue reading

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