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Corporatisation, education, accreditation, and power

In this essay, The Crucial Pillar of the New World Order, Gary North provides an excellent summary of the historical power struggle between freedom and bureaucracy. The theme is controlling the populace by steering educational accreditation.  It does not extend to accreditation of ISO … Continue reading

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Britain’s corrupt examinations system

The Telegraph describes the history and corruption of Britain’s examinations system:  Exam boards: how system became international money-spinner.  The examinations system has evolved over the last hundred years or so from a cottage industry into a multi-million pound international business. … Continue reading

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Ruskin on the virtue of imperfection

Professor Anthony O’Hear writes of John Ruskin: “He believed that the first lesson which the arts had to teach us was that nothing can be truly noble which is not imperfect, which takes us back to his distinction between the … Continue reading

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A broad education and common sense – not wanted any more

The tick box training records required by UKAS and CPA (actually much more detailed and complex than tick boxes) show a belief that competence can be assured in this way.  It may be appropriate for relatively simple operations performed by … Continue reading

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