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Brexit, UKASexit?

One rotten neologism deserves another. Check the relationship UKAS and the EU share in the creation of waste.   Wilson et al.  estimated that around a third of accreditation victims’ budget goes purely on pleasing the UKAS inspectors. The Spectator draws attention an even greater … Continue reading

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Safety don’t have much to do with it: Food safety audits are just what retailers wanted

Doug Powell explains one reason why some people love their bureaucracy: “How did passing an audit become a substitute for actually building a risk-based food safety program?”… “– back in the late 1990s, as fresh fruit and vegetable outbreaks took … Continue reading

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The slavery of audit

The Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists printed a perceptive letter summarising the history of audit, its move from the numeracy-based professions into clinical practice, and its growing use as a tool of political oppression: “the enslavement of human thought and endeavour … Continue reading

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Care Quality Commission: Destroy the evidence and sue

Read how the expensive inspectors employed to assure the quality of health care behave when their deadly inadequacy and corruption is exposed: New CQC chief threatened to sue after we exposed failings The new head of the Care Quality Commission … Continue reading

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What would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other?

Michael Armstrong draws attention to amusing Google searches: Might the investigators’ names be UKAS Assessor and Internal Auditor? Watch them with amusement seeking their tautological proofs…

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Handwashing – variation not compliance

With ISO accreditation, procedures are perfectly as described 100% of the time.  There are records to prove it.  The records are audited and inspected.  Even when things don’t go to plan there are more records of the anomalies. Here is a … Continue reading

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Hammering the non-conforming world into shape

Underneath the wolf rampant is Sidney. Sidney and his friend George have brought hammers.  Being intellectuals, they borrowed the hammers from working men.  They are beating the world into the shape they would like it to be. Were these hammers the … Continue reading

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Focus…Quality: it could be so much simpler


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Free Competition in Currency Act 2011

Citizens have long accepted that the state holds a legal monopoly on the issuing of money. When the state’s favoured banks issue money that isn’t in bank reserves, it isn’t counterfeiting.  That’s official! It has long been known that debased … Continue reading

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The War Against Incomplete Records

The War on Terror.  Bankrupting whole countries in pursuit of a largely imaginary foe. Profitable for some.  Exciting for others. Quality management accreditation.  The inverse of exciting but also bankrupting the NHS and other victims in a War Against Incomplete … Continue reading

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