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Police question third forensic scientist in ISO-accredited lab

The Daily Mail has reported police investigation of another forensic scientist employed by Randox Testing Services.   You can see that accreditation is still in force for the company so UKAS can keep invoicing them every year. “This is just a … Continue reading

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Randox rogues show ISO doesn’t balance

We saw before that Randox Testing Services paid UKAS for ISO accreditation of forensic testing.  Accreditation couldn’t stop employees rendering the results unreliable by falsifying QC results.  Randox called in the police. The Daily Mail reports on the continuing investigation, … Continue reading

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Burdensome regulation of the NHS

The chief executive of the Nuffield Trust has written an insightful and concise overview of some of the regulatory problems affecting the NHS.  ISO/UKAS accreditation escapes mention, but its importance will grow as it metastasizes from laboratories into physiological measurement … Continue reading

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Achieving perfection

“Manipulation achieves perfection when it hammers home its message, invites spectators to accept it, then reveals that they are being tricked and forces them to follow what they now know to be a lie.” Thierry Meyssan  

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Do all accreditation programmes do harm?

Muir Gray memorably wrote, All screening programmes do harm; some do good as well, and, of these, some do more good than harm at reasonable cost. The first task of any public health service is to identify beneficial programmes by … Continue reading

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The Centre for Workforce Intelligence has published Healthcare scientists training capacity survey 2015. It shows us the growth potential for accreditation (P22).  Currently ten percent of labs are UKAS victims, while almost forty percent have no accreditation.  With CPA having been sold to … Continue reading

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Making sense of chaos or making chaos of sense?

This is the pig that was tried, convicted and executed for eating the face off a child in its crib. Not an unusual fate for animal criminals in times past. Nicholas Humphrey recounts the reasons in his history of animal trials, Bugs … Continue reading

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Everything depends on us…otherwise…?

Writing on euthanasia, a subject apparently unconnected to accreditation, Theodore Dalrymple gets to the heart of the issue.  And many others. “As is often the way, the passion with which an issue is debated conceals something deeper at stake. In the absence … Continue reading

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Global temperature and quality – flatlining?

Christopher Brooker has reproduced a Met Office graph showing the scale of global warming.   In earlier versions the earth’s temperature looked something like the percentage of people rejecting the global warming ideology: It was used to justify numerous plans … Continue reading

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The debt’s not so bad – let’s accredit everything but the banks!

  “UK has a large economy of $2480 billion USD, but now holds debt in the size of 75% of economy, which is more than the 60% max debt to economy ratio set by EU for  economic stability standard.  “As of … Continue reading

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