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Hindsight bias

Dear Jim, Please could you fix it for me that, one day, people won’t say things like, “At first we wondered how accreditation could really deliver quality” and “We always thought there was something very odd about accreditation, but everybody was … Continue reading

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Coerced assurance making “accidents” more likely

Have you been wondering why even a small car costs so much and has grown so fat it won’t fit in the garage, why drivers can’t see to stay in lane or drive safely?  Why do gadgets proliferate but genuine … Continue reading

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Connect the dots

David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, writes that EU red tape is now getting in the way of scientific progress. Criticising some of the old fashioned red tape, he misses the ISO accreditation scam that the BSI gave the world.  … Continue reading

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“Global warming” stopped 16 years ago

Click the graphic to read more: How many data points used to justify the global warming scam were UKAS-accredited? Were any?  Do research scientists have to bother with accreditation? What is the value of super-precise measurements when fed into speculative … Continue reading

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ISO 9001 certified gold counterfeiting

UKAS says, “Anything or anyone can be evaluated – products, equipment, people, management systems or organisations.” Here is the proof: What is fake here?  The accreditation claims of the certificate itself, or the fact that the management system for counterfeiting … Continue reading

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CPA assures GSTS Pathology failures

The Guardian reports that CPA accreditation to ISO 15189 failed to assure the quality of the management system in Serco-run GSTS Pathology.  Except that the newspaper omits to mention CPA accreditation, so only Serco takes the blame. Readers of this … Continue reading

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