Climategate II – it’s not over yet

Irrefutable evidence of global warming (and why has no-one asked for this regarding accreditation?) has again been shown to be fictional.  The University of East Anglia has had its day in the sun.  This time it’s Berkeley University, California.   The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team (BEST) claimed to have evidence that silenced critics. Journalists repeated this without criticism (do you see how this works?)

Poles apart: Former sceptic Prof Richard Muller (left) says the latest findings settle the climate debate once and for all. But Prof Judith Curry says such a claim is 'a mistake'

But Prof Judith Curry, who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology, has drawn attention to the absence of scientific evidence in BEST’s work.

The graph that fooled the world

And the scam could have been so lucrative for those trading carbon credit derivatives…  In fact it still retains the inertia of a massive, unyielding iceberg in the government and public imagination.  So much policy planning and taxation rest upon it.

Why was an ISO inspection body not validating these important measurements?  Then we could have had “confidence” in them.  Or was it….?    Was the science so sloppy the academics never paid the cartel to accredit their measurements?  Or was the inspection body savvy enough to know the poor science involved in global warming and to stay clear?

Today I’m feeling as lazy as a journalist.  I’m resting.  I haven’t checked.

Politician in trouble - Carbon trading and taxation options disappearing fast.

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3 Responses to Climategate II – it’s not over yet

  1. Robert says:

    My high-school chemistry tells me that if you increase the concentration of reactants that the rate is proportionally enhanced. ie a cigarette burning in an atmosphere of pure oxygen burns hot enough to melt steel!
    The fact remains that plants convert co2 into tissue with photosynthesis and release oxygen and water. Is it a stretch to assume any increase in co2 may be adsorbed by bio-photosynthetic processes? I think its called the carbon cycle.

    • ISOwatcher says:

      Ah yes, the carbon cycle. I can’t remember when I last heard that mentioned. Is it still on school and university syllabuses or are carbon footprint, carbon credits, carbon trading derivatives all we need to know now?
      If only the earth had a history of regulating itself we wouldn’t need governments and traders to do it.
      If only ignorance could be harnessed as a source of energy!

  2. Robert says:

    I suspect we live in the age of irrational hype and histeria in many regards and this is how the leadership guides itself and shapes our course and so-called experts with unthought out agendas perpetuate the fears that propel us into the future.
    I think the carbon release from fossil fuels will immediately result in greater bio-mass and much of this being ocean algae. When the algae die they settle to the bottom of the ocean where the carbon locked in their tissues will take hundreds and hundreds of years to make it back to the atmosphere. The dramatic depletion of world fish stocks will only agrevate the situation further. This could engener an ice age and not global warming and the time horizon need not be that far off that we won’t live to see it!

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