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Failure guaranteed

Accreditation to ISO management standards is sold as “delivering confidence”. Inspection is implied to be the source of quality.  But in fact, all that it guarantees is failure. Each inspection finds failures that it “assessors” failed to find last year.  Things … Continue reading

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Accredited until freedom is barely a memory

“What’s good in war is good in peace.”  That would be Taylor’s Scientific Management enforced by factory inspectors. Call them “assessors” – they don’t work for the government any more.  Instead, the metagovernment assures that few industries are allowed to continue working … Continue reading

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Crumbling into the hands of Big Inspection

NHS services crumble into the hands of healthcare corporations and the politicians they have pocketed to ensure growth beyond the USA.  UKAS tells how it suckered the Royal College of Physicians into diverting more money from patient care to the quality cartel, … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy attempts to control measurement uncertainty

The authors of the paper below wrote that they were “encouraged to seek publicly available data that could be analysed to provide a comparison with the inter-laboratory trials we undertook.”  They don’t say who encouraged them, but the UK Food Standards Agency … Continue reading

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