The irrelevance of the lambs

A philosopher, a physicist, and a statistician were travelling through Scotland in a train when they saw a black sheep through the window.

“That’s interesting,” said the philosopher, “I see that Scottish sheep are black.”

“Hmm,” said the physicist, “you mean that some Scottish sheep are black.”

“You are both incorrect,” said the statistician.  “All we know is that there is at least one sheep in Scotland and that it is black on at least one side.”

At that point the inspector arrived and demanded to see their tickets.

That is the purpose of inspections.

Black swan event

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2 Responses to The irrelevance of the lambs

  1. Ever heard of this man?

    Statism is Dead – Stefan Molyneux (part 1 of 5)

    Lots of great grown up free market / non state interference ideas to be had. His youtube channel, website and free download books are all well worth a gander IMHO.

    His ability to ninja chop all arguments of the “yes but how would we cope without [insert inefficient, overblown, interference here]” variety is inspiring.

    (no I am not affiliated in any way!)

    • ISOwatcher says:

      Thanks for the link to this colourful chap – it’s well worth watching. Let’s hope people like this pick up on the power of the ISO management standards to be used for social control. Thus far, the libertarian big guns have missed the widespread but esoteric market-plus-state coercion of the inspection cartel.

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