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Having a lovely time without you

Arturo Casadevall and co-authors reported A Framework for Improving the Quality of Research in the Biological Sciences.  doi: 10.1128/mBio.01256-16 30 August 2016 mBio vol. 7 no. 4 e01256-16 ABSTRACT The American Academy of Microbiology convened a colloquium to discuss problems in … Continue reading

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Horizon: How to avoid mistakes in surgery

The BBC’s Horizon: How to avoid mistakes in surgery showed how surgeons have learned from pilots, F1 racing and firefighters. They use checklists to work through the loss of situational awareness that arises during crises. The reduction in surgical mismanagement … Continue reading

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Will quality measures and treatment guidelines improve patient care?

US doctors are sceptical about quality measures and treatment guidelines.  Would ISO quality impress them more?

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End of the quality improvement movement

The problem is larger than accreditationism.  Robert Brook of the Rand Corporation argues in the JAMA that 40 years after the birth of the quality improvement movement, we still don’t know much about what’s been accomplished. He writes of clinical … Continue reading

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