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The 10 sins of ISO 9000

Jose Maria Raventos’ blog describing The 10 sins of ISO 9000 can be enjoyed by Spanish speakers. Others will have to rely on Google Translate (automatic in Google Chrome, SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon browsers.)  Don’t forget the experiences of readers described in the comments.

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400 days of anarchy…did you notice?

Pravda tells us that Belgium has survived perfectly well for over 400 days without a government.  This sets a world record for anarchy. Let’s hope somebody is still inspecting their labs to ensure they meet the required standards of record-keeping the … Continue reading

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ISO 9000: Help or Hoax?

Patrick O’Connor’s essay ISO 9000: Help or Hoax? was published in Quality World in 1991 and collected into his book In My Humble Opinion, available for free download here. Few listened to the advice of this experienced reliability engineer.  The ISO beast … Continue reading

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Still benchmarking?

Is your laboratory still benchmarking or has the money run out for visiting other labs? Take heart; it only enshrines mediocrity.  Yes! You’d be better looking at how to improve your own service rather than looking at other other people’s. … Continue reading

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The human face of the accreditation disease

Whilst outside the laboratory focus of the ISOwatch blog, the comment below is highlighted because it eloquently shows the frustration and damage to workers’ lives caused by ISO-inspired accreditation scams.  The comments show how incomprehensively alien the accreditation philosophy is to engineers.  The … Continue reading

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ISOwatch has been tagged in WordPress Science Tags

ISOwatch has been tagged in WordPress Science Tags.  Don’t shrug.  Keep pushing.

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The Deficiencies of ISO 17025 video

ISO/UKAS accreditation hasn’t saved the UK Forensic Science Service, but given the extent of bad forensic practices, this Pennsylvania attorney sees ISO 17025 as useful and inevitable. However, he warns about one of its deficiencies.  Confidently knowing the figures measured does not help if … Continue reading

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“Conceptualizing the bureaucratic quality and capacity of the EU”

I read 35 pages to learn this? “The results suggest there is a great deal of interaction between public and private elites in EU policymaking.” You don’t say? A better read:

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