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Top court rules against German certifier in French breast implant case

This blog has previously pointed out that assessment bodies evade liability for the false promises they certify.  They are “delivering assurance” yet avoiding legal liability for the screening inspections they undertake. No longer!  France’s highest court found TUV Rheinland guilty … Continue reading

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British Ad Watchdog Agency Contradicts Own Rulings to Defend BSI

In 1997 the Advertising Standards Authority Ltd. (ASA) ruled against the BSI for making advertising claims it couldn’t support, chiefly about the cost-effectiveness of the ISO 9000 standard. BSI have continued to print porkies about it ever since. The Oxebridge blog has reported … Continue reading

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Disgruntled rogue scientists, but accredited

“Rogue scientists” disgruntled with management at Randox forensic services allegedly doctored samples.  Unsurprisingly this led to hundreds of false convictions and other major injustices.  Here is the Daily Mail’s account. Maybe privitising the forensic service wasn’t so smart. Naturally, services … Continue reading

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Forensic deficiencies of ISO 17025

Justin McShane explains some of the deficiencies of ISO 17025 in a forensic setting in this video.  Inspectors obsess over uncertainties of measurement but cannot address their qualitative interpretation or several other important scientific issues. Worth a watch, especially for … Continue reading

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ISO silent over Volkswagen certifications

A little bit of history: “Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s older brother is THE GUY who paved the way for the standardization of our everyday lives. He originated the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization or UNESCO. Under the direction … Continue reading

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No fakes, no liability

The new agreement UKAS requires its victims to sign reminds us of accreditation’s inability to secure quality for customers: 7 Liability  7.1 UKAS shall have no liability to the Customer, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any losses, however caused, … Continue reading

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Halal checking firm Dagang to join the London stock market

The Times has reported a halal-certifying firm is the join the Alternative Investment Market. Not satisfied drip-feeding your pay into jihad the retail way? Forget comfort eating, Be part of an international movement:   Now you can get a possible … Continue reading

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Accreditation system core to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement

Accreditation is going to be important in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  trade agreement.  It’s going to “support trade through the removal of technical barriers” i.e. the imposition of accreditation barriers that divert money to the “quality” cartel and its supporters. … Continue reading

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Outcomes from the ILAC and IAF General Assemblies

If you’re interested in how the inspection cartel attempts to constrict the growth of anything it can’t squeeze income from, have a look at UKAS’s report on the joint ILAC / IAF conference. See the countries the cartel is expanding into. … Continue reading

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Deregulating crime

ISO accreditation is sometimes sold as “cutting red tape”.  Any sufferer knows that it cuts government red tape to replace it with much more UKAS red tape.  To understand how such nonsense is sold to governments it is helpful to consider Rowan … Continue reading

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