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The ISO must be conformed to sharia

Should you not believe that ISO standards are going to have to change to conform to sharia, check out p8ff of Hammoudeh’s book for a summary of how non-Islamic quality theories fall short. Unlike the average, dull accreditation fan, this author has … Continue reading

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The irrelevance of the lambs

A philosopher, a physicist, and a statistician were travelling through Scotland in a train when they saw a black sheep through the window. “That’s interesting,” said the philosopher, “I see that Scottish sheep are black.” “Hmm,” said the physicist, “you mean … Continue reading

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Speaking of Pravda…

Speaking of Pravda [Правда], the Russian language helps us to clarify an aspect of the quality hoax through a specifically Russian linguistic concept. Pravda means truth.  So does istina. Pravda means the truth that is socially, morally, and ethically just;  the … Continue reading

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Tools don’t create safety; people do

This US study found that management tools were inadequate to prevent harmful healthcare. “The study of more than 6,500 nurses and nurse managers conducted in 2010 builds on the findings from the Silence Kills study to reveal that safety tools … Continue reading

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