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62% of certified firms abandoned EU HACCP since anticipated benefits were not realized

US authors reported that most certified Philippine seafood firms abandoned EU HACCP certification since the promised benefits were not realized.  The cartel is right: when you don’t bow to it, its legislation will ensure that you lose business.  The authors estimated … Continue reading

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Systems or brains?

The inspectors think that assuring the management system is ISO-compliant will assure the output quality.  However, John Seddon’s evidence says, “- in most systems, as much as 95% of performance can be attributed to the system (the design and management … Continue reading

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ISO hierarchy or triarchy?

Have you updated the organisational chart in your quality manual on schedule?  Maybe it’s not so important after all.  It’s just there for the inspectors to orientate themselves. The ISO standards rule.  They don’t know about the triarchy theory of organisation. … Continue reading

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Quality not accreditation…or argumentum ad verecundiam?

 Argument from authority – it’s not always wrong… Toyota for you doc, what will it be for your patients? In a recent Medscape survey it was found that doctors’ choice of cars were as follows: Toyota (16.73%), Honda (14.8%), Lexus … Continue reading

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