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How many other dangerous medical devices have ISO involvement?

This is the discredited Essure contraceptive system. See how it works in the Fallopian tubes? Think of it as barbed wire for babies that also turned out to be barbed wire for their mothers. It was tested and approved: The … Continue reading

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Coronavirus relaxes accreditation for a while

National chief scientists issued an NHS joint statement Supporting the healthcare science workforce response to coronavirus… (publications approval reference: 001559) on 30th March 2020…   Notice, “They must bear in mind that healthcare scientists may need to depart, possibly significantly, … Continue reading

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COVID-19 tests

Only accreditation sufferers know how long it takes to get a diagnostic tests accredited to ISO standards (count it in months).  However, doctors and the public want millions of COVID-19 tests now. This Daily Mail article describes the options available.  … Continue reading

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Cholesterol and atherosclerosis deception

Worried about your cholesterol?  Ravnskov et al. say, don’t be. They allege decades of misleading statistics and selective reviews to sustain the hypothesis that high cholesterol is the major cause of CVD. 9. Conclusion The idea that high cholesterol levels … Continue reading

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Gaslighting, not burnout

Burnout of clinicians is the wrong term, argue Dean et al.  Instead they liken the phenomenon to “gaslighting” – the act of psychologically manipulating someone to question their own sanity, in order to gain some advantage. We believe that clinicians … Continue reading

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Hundreds more medical reversals. But not ISO accreditation

Herrera-Perez et al reviewed over 3000 randomized controlled clinical trials in leading medical journals.  They found 396 reversals of practice were indicated. While medical leaders increasingly put their trust in ISO 15189 and ISO 17025 there remains a lack of evidence … Continue reading

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PIP implants – from CE marks to ISO accreditation?

The French court ordered TUV Rheinland was ordered to pay compensation to victims of defective PIP breast implants.  The French regulator, Agence Francaise de Securite Sanitaire des Produits de Sante (AFSSAPS), probably regrets delegating this task to them in the first place. … Continue reading

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Hidden FDA Reports Detail Harm Caused by Medical Devices

The FDA keeps suppressed lists of medical device failures.  You can read about it on Medscape: FDA spokeswoman Deborah Kotz confirmed that the “registry exemption” was created without any public notice or regulations. “Any device manufacturer can request an exemption … Continue reading

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UKAS now “a partner to Government”

In a BMTA interview with retired chief executive of UKAS, Paul Stennett MBE, we learn, What is most satisfying is that UKAS is now seen as being a partner to Government, helping to deliver their regulatory agenda and in many cases … Continue reading

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Statistical pitfalls of accreditation

While doctors who experience UKAS assessments are becoming increasingly cynical about them, few have yet called out accreditation and stopped it. Stephen Senn’s comment in Nature, Statistical pitfalls of personalized medicine.  Misleading terminology and arbitrary divisions stymie drug trials and can … Continue reading

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