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The bloodsuckers’ next bubble

The finance industry gets its blood meals from a succession of bubbles driven by its victims’ greed.   Each lasts a few years.  Victims seldom spot the next one. Endowment mortgages… Emerging Markets… Building Society demutualisations… Zero-dividend preference shares… DotCom … Continue reading

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Mass fatilities after certification failure

After crippling Spanish agriculture with false allegations, organically-grown beansprouts are now believed to be the source of a massive E. coli outbreak originating in Germany.  It infected over 3300 people, killed at least three dozen, and is being used to … Continue reading

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Don’t compete with the cartel – you might be just as ineffective

In two very testing sentences UKAS warns of counterfeit accreditation outside the cartel: FQS INDIA illegally misrepresenting to the general public/companies/entities “FQS INDIA” having its offices at 2094/165, Tri Nagar, New Delhi – 110035 is misusing the name, brand, goodwill and reputation of JAS-ANZ … Continue reading

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Going where no ISO has gone before

As the inadequacy of ISO 15189 is increasingly recognised, CPA and UKAS have persuaded the Royal College of Pathologists that the answer lies in extending the inspectors’ remit to important areas outside the current ISO:  Clinical Pathology Accreditation The Royal … Continue reading

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Continuing Professional Development is going out of fashion with barristers

Alex Aldridge tells us: “Why barristers balk at the ‘box-ticking’ of continuing professional development Barristers failing to complete their annual quota of CPD now dominate Bar Standards Board disciplinary proceedings “Tucked away deep within the Bar Standards Board website is … Continue reading

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Tools don’t create safety; people do

This US study found that management tools were inadequate to prevent harmful healthcare. “The study of more than 6,500 nurses and nurse managers conducted in 2010 builds on the findings from the Silence Kills study to reveal that safety tools … Continue reading

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The Coalition Government’s principles of regulation

BIS promotes the UKAS and the cartel around the world.  It is a sales agent for accreditation’s regulatory pseudo-legislation as an alternative to real legislation.  This is a conflict of interest with the responsibility of reducing regulations and the Better Regulation … Continue reading

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