Speaking of Pravda…

Speaking of Pravda [Правда], the Russian language helps us to clarify an aspect of the quality hoax through a specifically Russian linguistic concept.

Pravda means truth.  So does istina.

Pravda means the truth that is socially, morally, and ethically just;  the correct and highest form of truth.  It shares etymological roots with the words for law, right, and the process of justice.  Acts matching ethics.

Soviet realism

Istina means the truth as an empirical state of affairs which reality renders possible or not. True truth.

stalin rage

Soviet reality

Victims have failed to identify the inspection movement’s misuse of the term quality as a form of political correctness for management and science.  The invocation of quality prevents the search for evidence to substantiate the movement’s claims.  It silences any questioning of the basis or value of accreditation.  If  evidence happened to be found it would not be evaluated according to the standards required for trials of medical treatments.

The medical and scientific communities have been particularly dull in asking the questions that many ISO 9000 victims have raised previously.

Accreditationism is rooted in the old verificationist ideas from which French and Viennese logical posivism arose.  Nothing is true unless everything is recorded:  inspectors have no leeway.  This shows that inspection is empirical and it seems scientific. The act of recording creates the official fiction that is certified as truth.  Proving a laboratory result with a certified reference sample would not do.  It is only the voluminous records of earlier and other factors that count.

Accreditation is not about qualities perceived by the customer.  It is not about quality as true measurements.  The cartel’s redefinition of quality is simply about submission to a bizarre world view – that without records of perfect compliance quality is absent.  No other definition of quality is acceptable.  A lab with no complaints and perfect results would not have quality if it had not been inspected and found to be fully compliant.  Quality equals compliance.  Most producers but few customers realise that rubbish products can be accredited to ISO standards.

Ponder this:  If non-compliances are found at every inspection, and may have existed for most of the year, how much positivist quality is there at all?

The cartel’s compliance definition of quality cannot be tested and therefore cannot itself be verified.  

Verificationism: victim of reality

Why has this fact not yet been a stake through the heart of accreditationism?

The inspectors believe it.  The victims believe it.  The customers believe it.  The EU loves it because it transforms productive workers into stressed bureaucrats.   Inspectors live in a parallel world where strange things might happen.  Accreditationism is a no-expense-spared romantic fiction of perfection.

A romantic fiction

But elsewhere this view of official fiction as reality has been decaying for decades.

US reality?

In a very confused world, this sort of thing is still going on.  More than ever.  Many people like simplistic lies that make their world seem under control.  Each age has its myths and reality is distorted to fit the regnant fictions.  These sustain a belief that the decay which time brings can be controlled and overcome.  Succeeding paradigms seem to prove each prior myth to be wrong. The statutory fables often have to be defended with extreme measures in attempts to convince.  However this example didn’t last long!

The notion of pravda dominating istina was a root of Soviet power.  The quality cartel also is a movement that makes istina, empirical reality, its enemy.  Accepting its definition of quality as record-keeping demonstrates submission to the inspectors’ world view and a rejection of reality.  History has proven the danger of this naïveté.  It has also established that reality eventually corrects the popular truth when it is imaginary.

Let’s realise things are not as we’ve been told.   Peep out and see how things really are. Read more here:

Political Correctness and the Theoretical Struggle

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