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Achieving perfection

“Manipulation achieves perfection when it hammers home its message, invites spectators to accept it, then reveals that they are being tricked and forces them to follow what they now know to be a lie.” Thierry Meyssan  

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Selling confidence by creating uncertainty

Here is a brochure showing how the State-backed cartel tries to create uncertainty in suppliers that don’t pay for its services.  This is a sort of uncertainty that cannot be measured.  It enables the cartel’s members to sell “confidence” to … Continue reading

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Speaking of Pravda…

Speaking of Pravda [Правда], the Russian language helps us to clarify an aspect of the quality hoax through a specifically Russian linguistic concept. Pravda means truth.  So does istina. Pravda means the truth that is socially, morally, and ethically just;  the … Continue reading

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