Tools don’t create safety; people do

This US study found that management tools were inadequate to prevent harmful healthcare.

“The study of more than 6,500 nurses and nurse managers
conducted in 2010 builds on the findings from the Silence
Kills study to reveal that safety tools fail to address
a second category of communication breakdowns:
“undiscussables”—risks that are widely known, but not
discussed. The results suggest that without support from
physicians, nurses, and administrators, these system
improvements cannot guarantee patient safety. Tools don’t
create safety; people do.”

Read more about management “tools” here.

The healthcare study authors think that staff should talk to each other.

But this is safety.  The cartel only sells quality.  Nobody is allowed to define quality but the ISO and inspectors.

An injured person could quickly drag the cartel down if it claimed to assure safety.  Because it could no more assure safety than it can assure quality.  Quality lapses may never be noticed.  Quality is usually immaterial when defined as record-keeping.  In all but extreme circumstances, only an inspector would notice.

But UKAS plans to extend its spread through all areas of clinical measurement.

Could quality be present if it were not inspected in?

What if people rather than records also created quality?

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Of course he did, you silly logical positivist!

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