UKAS always doubted the “confidence” it sells

BSI sells ISO standards like ISO 17025 and 15189, designed to be vague enough to sell to vast numbers of the gullible.

UKAS fills in the blanks, gratis, with documents like LAB 1.  These give the specifics in considerable detail.

UKAS’s sales pitch is “Delivering Confidence”.  However its LAB 1 shows it has no confidence in its accreditation product – it won’t take responsibility for tests and products produced under its accreditation.


No confidence there then.  No money-back guarantee.  It was “only a sampling exercise”, after all – worthless.

Such thinking goes back to the first edition of LAB 1 from 2004; it’s not just a response to the criminality that occurs widely despite accreditation and certification.

This is very wise and shows they never believed their sales pitch anyway.  Or at least that it would be hard to defend in court.

Oxebridge investigations report at least sixty companies involved in scandalous activities,

The FLIR case brings to sixty the number of companies listed by Oxebridge as holding ISO 9001 or AS9100 certificates while engaged in criminal activities, or being involved in scandals, product recalls, product-related injuries or deaths, or regulatory violations. Of those, 24 are traceable back to ANAB accredited certification bodies, with the rest being attributed to various other bodies such as UKAS (United Kingdom), DAkkS (Germany), JAB (Japan) and RvA (Netherlands).

Used to making their own laws, it will be interesting to see how governments and national courts deal with the devious activities of accreditation and certification bodies and their deviant clients.

Hannelore Font – appearance at sentencing


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