Change Board Recertification

US doctors have got themselves organized to oppose being exploited to prove their ability. is the place to read what’s happening in US medicine.

We need to see similar organization against labs being exploited for accreditation by the ISO publishing and inspection gang.

Dear Fellow Physicians,

Opposition to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) continues to gain momentum as a top national medical news story…

We take issue with the bulk of the MOC process: The Practice Improvement Modules and Patient and Peer Reviews amount to little more than busy work, and the costly, time-consuming Secure Examination—which requires an enormous amount of preparation and time off from work —is clinically irrelevant and has no place in the life of a practicing physician.

Of course, these criticisms are sticking points for our Boards, which derive income directly from this part of MOC. In fact, the ABIM claims it makes no money from MOC and that its members receive a minimal stipend to attend meetings and write exam questions—yet each such question costs $4,000 (through “stringent psychometric testing”), the ABIM President makes a salary of about $2,000 a day, and the costs associated with the MOC program since 2006 have inflated the ABIM’s revenue to $149,800,000—a number which grows yearly and with each modification to MOC.

Here’s how the figures look:









You can read more about the background of this commercial exploitation of doctors in the NEJM here:

Boarded to Death — Why Maintenance of Certification Is Bad for Doctors and Patients Paul S. Teirstein, M.D.

Check out the supportive comments beneath.

Similarly to the US medical certification Boards, the ISO derives income from selling ISO standards which are often not optional.  ISO standards get revised without the validation that would be required of laboratories because the ISO needs to sell everyone a new batch to keep up its income.

BSI and UKAS’s entitlements to regular income also goes unchallenged despite them offering no proof of their claims to assure quality and avoiding legal responsibility for the disasters that have occurred despite their accreditation.

And it has been alleged that the IAF is the personal piggy bank of a lady who keeps a low profile.  Some of the financial aspects are very much worth investigating:

7.) IAF is Elva Nilsen’s Personal Piggybank. The trick used by not-for-profit (NFP) organizations is to claim no salary on their tax return, but then pay exorbitant amounts third-party consulting firm, which then pays off the officers in some way. That way, the officers can claim no compensation on the NFP’s tax return, which faces the public, while actually cashing a check behind the scenes. We can’t know for sure if that is what IAF is doing, but it’s only major expense was an annual payment of $278,000 to Elva Nilsen’s consulting company, EJN Consulting. That payment represented a whopping 48% of IAF’s total annual expenses in 2015. Nilsen is the Secretary of IAF at the same time. So while the officers show no compensation by IAF, IAF can make a payment to Nilsen’s private company, whose tax returns are not available for public scrutiny, and Nilsen can then write checks to those officers without anyone knowing.

So let’s see similar organised resistance to the ISO accreditation scam.


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