Uncertainty of hypocrisy

When the assessors visit they want to see that masses of statistical work has been done to demonstrate the uncertainty of your measurements.  ISO 17025 requires it.  Assessment gang members have additional guides on it.  Customers who just wanted test reports find uncertainty confusing.

Oxebridge reports the IAF’s claim that 93% of its customers have transitioned to its 2015 standards.


Click and read the analysis of data that shows they’re lying.


There’s nothing new in their numerical fabrications.  Remember John Seddon’s open letter to Stephan Breeze at the BSI when customers were rubber-stamped into the latest standard overnight in order to meet the transition deadline?

The panic transitioning looked better than simply lying about the figures as they do now.

While UKAS demands calculations of uncertainty of measurement that are often time-wasting and unnecessary, none of the cartel members are being pressed to deal honestly with the corrupted statistics they use to promote their publishing and inspection businesses.


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