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Be there or be square

It’s not exactly Bilderberg.  The Chatham House Rule may or may not apply. But here’s the agenda for an upcoming meeting of inspection cartel members.  Some sessions are members only.  Some seem to be just in code. There’s a little more detail … Continue reading

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Common Purpose directors resign – rats deserting the sinking ship?

Common Purpose (CP) is a sinister organisation near the heart of the rot in Britain.  Like the quality cartel it has government protection to ruin lives. Instead of the legally-protected monopoly that keeps UKAS strong, Common Purpose has charitable status to train future … Continue reading

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Gold plated

So the unions’ day of action was a damp squib, out of touch with modern times. Why did journalists start reporting “gold-plated” pensions for public sector workers?  Is it because the editors and syndicated columnists invested in houses that “can … Continue reading

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